Meladerm Cream Review 2017- Must See New Inside Information

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This updated Meladerm Cream review has all new 2017 information. Meladerm is for skin problems like spots, dark patches, unevenness and more. Use the table of contents for answers about it’s ingredients, safety concerns, and how to buy at the best price.

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What is Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream?

Skin issues can undermine your self confidence when located in visible areas.

Meladerm is an all natural skin lightener or fade cream for reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation problems.

This includes age, sun, or liver spots, blemishes, dark patches, uneven skin tone, scars, and melasma. You can try to cover up discolorations with make up.

Woman with age spot on faceWho wouldn’t prefer to get rid of them altogether and have much clearer skin? Meladerm Cream claims this is possible.

It’s a cream used as a topical skin lightening product. It claims it can reduce the signs of aging on your face and hands. Their website states persons have seen noticeable results within only a couple of weeks.

This is a product made from natural ingredients which is ideal for those of us who prefer to choose more natural approaches where available. It’s safe even on sensitive skin. Has no harsh, irritating, and even harmful chemicals found in a lot of similar products.
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The Ingredients In Meladerm Cream

no harsh chemicals sign The best news is it does NOT contain the harmful and toxic ingredients found in other skin lightening creams. Hydroquinone, mercury, and parabens. It contains no steroids. This makes it a popular choice for anyone concerned about their health.

What does it contain? Only high quality natural compounds! They do not use low grade ingredients to make a low grade product, or cheap harsh chemicals that are dangerous and risky to use.

This cream contains only natural plant-based ingredients like:

Bearberry Extract (Arbutin): This plant used by native peoples for centuries contains arbutin. Arbutin or Beta-Arbutinis a natural skin brightener.

Alpha Arbutin: Is another form of arbutin which is a much more expensive ingredient to manufacture. Research has proven it has a stronger inhibitory action than that of (beta) arbutin. This natural bio-synthetic ingredient is an effective and safe hydroquinone alternative that works on all skin colors and types.

Tego Cosmo C: is a natural amino acid derivative used in applications such as skin brightening products and fade creams. Known to help regulate cell growth and control PH levels of the skin.

Gigawhite: Is a plant-derived, preservative-free skin lightener, used in the better skin creams. It comes from organically grown Swiss alpine plants.

Kojic Acid: Is a recent discovery for the treatment of pigmentation problems and age spots. Discovered in 1989, it is a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice for use in the manufacturing of sake.

Licorice Extract: Licorice’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a popular ingredient in the skin care industry. It’s extracts have a considerable skin brightening effect while remaining non-toxic.

Niacin: Known as Vitamin B3 which is also known to be effective in reducing acne. This ingredient is a safe addition to the other skin lightening ingredients.

Vitamin C: A natural antioxidant safe to use for reducing melanin formation to provide a skin whitening effect when applied.

Mulberry Extract: Obtained from the root of certain species, it is a potent inhibitor of Tyrosinase enzymes. This makes it an effective skin cream ingredient.

Glycolic Acid: Promotes exfoliation and a natural brightening of the skin tone. By encouraging cell turnover it not only evens out skin discolorations it also helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Lactic Acid: Mimics the properties of Glycolic acid. It’s better suited for individuals with sensitive skin.

Lemon Juice Extract: Lemon juice is one of nature’s potent skin bleaching ingredients. It’s used at small concentrations in this skin lightener to not irritate the skin.

Emblica Extract: Is a patented composition extracted from the plant Phyllanthus emblica (Indian gooseberry). It has long-lasting and stable antioxidant properties and also provides significant skin lightening properties when used in moderate concentrations.

The ingredients include natural moisturizers and preservatives to ensure minimal skin irritation despite the strength of the product. In addition this cream comes in a special air tight container. It keeps the product fresh by preventing oxygen from getting in and oxidizing the ingredients.

This eliminates the need for harmful chemical preservatives. There is much more detailed information on these and other ingredients on the Civant Skin Care website.
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Is Meladerm Safe To Use?

Yes, because of the natural ingredients used it’s unlikely a user will suffer any major side effects. These types of products can contain toxic chemicals, this one takes a different approach as far as the choice of ingredients.

Thousands of people have used Meladerm cream for more than a decade with few complaints. Since there are different types of skin types some react to the usage of skin creams. The worse reported side effects from using this product include:

  • Mild skin irritation
  • Minor skin cracking (temporary)
  • Increased risk of sun damage (use sun screen outdoors)

When using new skin care products there is always the possibility of skin irritation occurring during the first application. This is not common for users of the product. If it does happen it’s only a mild reaction that doesn’t last.

Meladerm has exfoliating powers so use a sun block. Using a sunscreen friendly to your skin type will eliminate the risk of sun damage while using this treatment.

In the unlikely event that you do suffer any kind of severe skin reaction stop using it. If you are pregnant or nursing consult a doctor before using Meladerm. The safety for these types of users has not been established.
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Buying Meladerm Cream On Amazon Or Ebay

There are good reasons to be a little wary about where you order anything through the internet. It is available on sites like Amazon or eBay and while they are reputable sites is this the best place to get this product?

These sites use listings by third party merchants, or re-sellers, and while it is not unusual or illegal to do this you will pay a higher price because they are getting it direct from the official website themselves before reselling it.

cut out the middle manYou could cut out the middle man if you bought the product direct from the manufacturer yourself like they do. There are other benefits to getting it direct yourself.

A fresh and not outdated product is one. Another is you will be eligible for the no questions money back guarantee which may not be the case if you order from anywhere else.

For your own peace of mind it is essential you only order direct to avoid any problems with the price, guarantee, or any special offers.
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Meladerm Cream Video Review

The reviews have been positive as this clip from the Balancing Act morning show featuring a review by Dr. Bayati shows. Click on the link below this Meladerm video review for the official website.

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Real Customer Meladerm Cream Reviews And Testimonials

People with dark spots from the sun or old acne scars can often never imagine having clear skin again. This Meladerm Cream reviews found ‘jules24’ in the forum. She reports that her skin showed real improvement within a short space of time, without the use of any cosmetics.

“I use Meladerm and it has done wonders for my skin by giving me an even complexion, fading my acne scars and age spots.The only drawback is that you need to take care when out in the sun.”

Use sun screen if you are outside. The review below is from Facebook by Michelle M, who stated her skin showed real improvement within a short space of time:

“I have been using Meladerm twice a day for a month and it really does work! I have a bunch of sun/age spots under my eyes and on my nose and they have significantly faded! I am pleasantly surprised, as I usually strike out with these types of products. TY!”

People with darker skin have often disappointed by general purpose skin care products. Meladerm however is a specialty cream that works on all the different colors of skin. Here is a testimonial from ‘A.S.’ on the Meladerm website:

“I am an Indian women.I have been using this product since 1 month and trust me it really works! This product gave me a smooth , pigmentation free skin and a glowing complexion.I recommend this product for everyone, this product is seriously worth a try. All you need to do is just practise diligent skin care and have a little patience, it will surely give you the results!”

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The Civant Skin Care Company

civant company logoEveryone suffering from hyperpigmentation, melasma and dark spots (patches) can use Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream for a cure. Civant Skin Care manufactures this top rated product. It has been on the market for over a decade.

Civant Skin Care Company spent four years doing research to find out how effective and safe this product would be before its first release. Since it’s introduction in 2003 it’s popularity has grown. It’s known as a safe and effective Skin Lightening Cream.
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How To Order Meladerm Cream At The Best Price

meladerm cream product imageYou can only order Meladerm skin cream online. It’s a simple process when you use the official Civant Skin Care Website. It is not sold in local stores and can only be obtained online.

Purchasing from anywhere else could lead to problems. You can use the official website with total confidence and get:

  • Manufacturer direct pricing.
  • The genuine formulation and not a cheap knockoff.
  • A fresh and not outdated product.
  • A no questions 30 day Money Back Guarantee.
  • A safe and secure ordering process.

It’s natural ingredients are safe to use for all types and shades of skin and it comes with a money back guarantee offered by Civant Skin Care. This means you can try it risk free. The only way to find out if it’s best for you is to give it a risk free trial today.

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